Innovative Home Control

Commercial and residential Automation, lighting control, home theaters, SECURITY and camera systems





IHC specializes in state of the art whole home audio systems easily controlled from your smart phone or tablet. Don't annoy your guest with that unsightly loud stereo in the corner when you could have in ceiling speakers evenly distributed though out your house at the perfect volume level.  Professionally installed home theaters with superior audio and video systems. Why go to the theater when you could have your own custom theater downstairs in the comfort of your own home. What was that noise outside? Grab your phone or turn on TV to see every area of your home with high def camera system that records your property 24/7.

There are many names for it - Home Automation-Smart Home-System Integration-Control Systems-Universal Remote. What ever you call it, we can provide you a custom control system to fit any budget. About to start a movie in your home theater; grab the iPad press blu-ray and watch your system come to life. Receiver turns on and changes to correct input, as your projector warms up, your lights begin to fade off, and your home theater comes to life. Time to leave your house for the day; just press the goodbye button on your keypad as you walk out to the garage. All TVs shut off, all music shuts off, thermostat adjusts to save money. Shades begin to close, lights though out the house slowly fade off, and the alarm system begins its count down to arm. All with one press of a button!