Home Automation

Remote Technologies Incorporated (RTI) is a leading control systems manufacturer offering innovative, sophisticated, and user-friendly devices for professionally installed electronic systems. https://www.rticorp.com

Audio Distribution

Nuvo is dedicated to engineering innovative products for multi-room audio, their passion for music is matched only by their desire to deliver it with brilliant quality - to any (or every) room of the home. From Nuvo's award-winning line of speakers to the flexible Player Portfolio system, it's easy to build the perfect audio experience for any space.



Video Distribution

Video distribution matrix systems allow you to have the ability to send one cable box to every TV in the house or sports bar or a different cable box to each TV you will also be able to have all devices in your home or place of business centrally located in one area.



Lighting and Shade Systems

Lurton Lighting and Shade systems allow the user to save energy and control comfort of your home or business. Start living in a scene rather then flipping on and off 6 or 7 light switches in the kitchen to find the ones you want on, simply press the button labeled "Cooking" The center light will dim to 90%, the stove light will set to 100% the under counter will set to 75% while the accent ceiling light dim to 50%. At the same time your shade will begin to open. Guests are arriving soon? Press the "Entertain" button and watch your home come to life!  

Home Theaters

From a sleek simple design using in-ceiling and in-wall speakers with a drop down screen to a state of the art show case design using large floor standing speakers framed screen with curtains and wall mounted surround sound speakers, IHC can design the perfect home theater system for you. 



Surveillance Systems

These days you can never be to careful. Having a system to watch your property 24/7 can leave you with some peace of mind. Your able to view your cameras from anywhere at anytime from your smart phone, tablet, or PC.


Security Systems

Protect your home. With home invasions on the rise now is the time to protect your family and property.  There is only one thing you could be possibly waiting for. Don't wait until it happens.


Low Voltage Wiring

Let IHC get your house wired correctly for the future. Having the correct type of wire is critical in making your homes network device work the way they are meant too. Every day more network devices for you home so up in the market.